Wellbe for Affiliates

“Wellbe” is a deep tech alternate healthcare and wellness firm providing AI driven strategic and high impact health and wellbeing solutions to enterprises.

Wellbe as a corporate wellness firm provides an enterprise solution to the HR management around health and wellbeing with wellness subscription tailor made for different age groups and generations. This is driven by Artificial intelligence which helps them measure and track participation, wellness quotient and in turn productivity of their employees. The data helps them build strategies for lowering their healthcare expense, maintain a healthy bottom line and create a vibrant ecosystem of high performing and motivated employees.

“Employee wellbeing” is how the future of work is going to look like and Wellbe is a need of the hour enterprise solution in the employee wellbeing space.

We at Wellbe, therefore, are reaching out to our affiliates to join hands in our upswing journey. An affiliate can be an individual, entity or organization who expertise in enterprise selling and can take our wellness subscription through to the CXO of an organization against a decent revenue share
Make the best use of your network at the corporate level to earn more with Wellbe !Get in touch to know more and strike a deal